Senator Kel Seliger’s Words on SB3 Vote

A big thank you to Senators Carlos Uresti and Royce West who voted NO today during the Senate Education Committee vote on SB3. Senator Kel Seliger is also appallingly the only Republican legislator who honored his conservative roots by rejecting public subsidies for private education and growing state spending and regulations. Thank you, Senator Seliger, for voting NO!

Texas Senate Education Committee Vote on SB3

Thank you to all those who voted NO on SB3. With the exception of Sen. Kel Seliger, Republicans just showed how utterly irresponsible and reckless they are willing to be with public funds in the name of #SchoolChoice and #EducationReform. Sen. Kel Seliger's comments were brilliant and he should be highly commended.

Posted by Alice Linahan on Thursday, March 23, 2017


Republican legistors have acted foolhardy and capriciously with public monies in the name of “school choice” and “education reform”. Contact your state legislators and let them know you do not support SB3 or any bill that promotes government subsidies for education (including any bill that would add new regulation and accountability to Texas homeschool families)!

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