HB640 Public Hearing Testimony

On April 6th, the Senate Education Committee held a public hearing on SB640, also known as the UIL “Tebow” bill. A few of our group’s representatives went to testify in opposition to the bill and we received quite a lot of pushback from the legislators. You’ll be interested to see the follow-on comments from the legislators after their testimony. We’ll break down their comments in an upcoming post, but I wanted to let you hear for yourself the uninformed and frankly, down right hostile, comments made by some of your legistlators to citizens who were publicly testifying on behalf of many Texas families who oppose this bill. Keep in mind, there was a two minute time limit for each testimony given. You’ll hear the beeper go to indicate their time was up. In the cases like Read King, the legislators spent the next 14 minutes lecturing him on how he was wrong in his opposition.


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