The “Tim Tebow Bill” -HB1324/SB718- has been filed again this session. We oppose this bill as it is written because:

  1. It contains an unequal testing requirement that undermines the parental authority of the homeschooling parent.
  2. Homeschoolers in other states don’t have as many freedoms as Texas does. We can’t compare apples to oranges when it comes to how regulations might have increased or decreased in other states with this law in place.
  3. It changes the long-standing definition of homeschool and creates a new class of student by separating “private” and “homeschools.”

If you oppose this bill, please sign our petition. Let’s show our legislators that not all homeschoolers support it!



“We, the undersigned, oppose the “Tim Tebow” bill HB 1324/SB 718 because it has an unequal testing requirement of homeschoolers that undermines our parental authority and threatens to open the door to regulation by further separating the definition of “homeschool” from “unaccredited private school” in the code.”

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