Texans for Homeschool Freedom is a grassroots parental rights advocacy group dedicated to the support of families who apply their Constitutionally-based liberty by choosing to take control of their children’s education in the manner and setting that is best suited to each family, free of any government interference or support.

We believe that the Education Savings Account (ESA) “School Choice” bills and the University Interscholastic League (UIL) access bills, aka the “Tebow Bill”, are detrimental to our freedom. They can add additional regulations of oversight of the homeschool education and invites further intrusion by outside entities which, subsequently, result in the erosion of our God-given authority to direct our children’s education.

We oppose any legislation that opens the door to allow any future interference or broaden any authority by either government or private entities that would abridge our current homeschool freedoms in Texas.

Our goal is to kill these bills. Our objective is to maintain the current freedoms we enjoy as homeschoolers in Texas.

How do we do that?
– By communicating with our legislators how these bills are a threat to freedom in Texas and to remind them that as homeschoolers we represent a significant portion of voters who oppose these bills. We accomplish this through phone calls, emails, personal visits, petitions, and through social media.
– By educating fellow homeschoolers and other grassroots voters alike through the promotion of our common objective – liberty.

Do you want to help Texans for Homeschool Freedom?

Call, email, visit, tweet, sign, invite, and share, share, share.