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The Republican Party of Texas 2024 Convention starts on May 20th, and we are hard at work defending education freedom in our great state through that process.

We have a special eye on the platform and legislative priorities committees and are supplying them with information that we hope will help preserve our homeschool freedoms and squash the Socialist, fake “School Choice” efforts.

Texans for Homeschool Freedom wants to let you know that you may receive some time-sensitive action alerts this week and next week to help us in this fight.

To be ready, make sure you know your senatorial district.  Plug in your address to this form, if you are unsure.

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We may ask you to contact committee members to urge support for our cause. 

You can also share the infographic, below, with social media and all your contacts to help spread the word!

Thank you for joining us,
The Texans for Homeschool Freedom Team

The Truth About "School Choice" infographic

The Details

We are specifically supporting and asking for your consideration of the following resolution:

Whereas, Texas already has “School Choice” because parents are totally free
to educate their children in public or private schools, including homeschool, 

And whereas, globalists desire to control all forms of education and have a plan to do so

through drawing private schools into the public school system via vouchers,
public-private partnerships, or fake Education Savings Accounts,

And whereas, “School Choice” legislation has been just another welfare program

that still requires government to take Other People’s Money and redistribute it, 

And whereas, we know that the very nature of government is to expand,

to “fix” what it broke through more regulation, to tax more, and to spend more,

And whereas, true education freedom will only come through the autonomy

of private schools from money strings like testing and curriculum alignment, 

Be it resolved, that the Republican Party of Texas will not support any type of legislation

that brings private schools, including homeschools, under the umbrella of the public schools’
Texas Education Agency in exchange for tax dollars. 

Be it further resolved, that the Republican Party of Texas affirms parents have the God-given right

to educate their children in the way they see fit, including outside of a
public school setting with no government oversight. 

The current education-related plank #101 states that “funding should follow the student without strings attached,” and plank #102 states that “We oppose any attempt to regulate homeschooling or the curriculum of private or religious schools.” 

Yet, in the past legislative session, multiple Republican legislators proposed bills that clearly flew in the face of these tenets. Therefore, it seems important for the Party to more clearly outline in our platform the freedoms that must be protected — and hold our legislators accountable to upholding the platform.